Wayuu Colombian Hand Woven Mochila Drawstring Bucket Bags and now Cuff Bracelets too!

Wayuu Colombian Hand Woven Mochila Drawstring Bucket Bags <FONT COLOR=RED>and now Cuff Bracelets too!</font color>

We have a very small selection of hand woven, fine "Mochila" bags from the Wayuu tribe in Colombia or Venezuela, imported by a very small group of dedicated people in Florida who deal directly with the artisans. These bags are hand-woven from cotton and the designs have symbolic meaning. The Wayu (also known as Wayu, Guajiro or Wahiro) are a Amerindian Ethnic pre-Columbian group of the La Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela; their ancestral land, over 15,00 square kilometers, is divided by the border of the two countries. The Wayuu are an endangered people that are constantly threatened by forced migration. Most Wayuu live in Colombia and speak Wayuunaiki language (part of the Arawak linguistic family) and practice their own spiritual religion. These bags are truly works of art, even the bottom has a different design. Each one is unique.

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