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Lorraine Oerth Heart Shaped Giving Bowl - Friendship IN STOCK NOW

Lorraine Oerth Heart Shaped Giving Bowl - Friendship <FONT COLOR=RED>IN STOCK NOW</FONT COLOR>
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Product Description

Designed by Lorraine Oerth, these tiny (2") heart shaped bowls are hand made in Virginia. Each one is different, and has the word Friendship. Perfect to place on an altar, or your desk as a reminder to take a minute to be grateful for the friends in your life. Or place a small folded paper in it with a determination for the future. Also makes a great gift for a very special friend. Please let us pick a color for you. Two bowls are shown for illustration.

Have a day filled with good fortune & smiles. Contact us at thetreasuretower@yahoo.com or 917-655-4116