La Casa Cotzal Recycled Corte Fabric Guatemalan Reversible Hobo Bags

La Casa Cotzal develops fashionable products and produces them in poor areas of Guatemala, paying Fair Trade wages and as often as possible, using materials that would otherwise be consigned to the garbage dump. These beautiful and functional hobo bags are made from Corte fabric that is used to make traditional Guatemalan skirts - it is hand woven on foot looms and each pattern represents a particular pueblo or City. These bags are made from fabric recycled from worn skirts that were discarded. The ends of the bag on both sides have been reinforced with recycled rubber from inner tubes, adding shape to the bags and protecting the seams. Each bag is unique, and they reverse to a nylon side which is useful in inclement weather. These bags were manufactured for The Treasure Tower and are one of a kind.

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