Hem Gems Temporary Hemming Studs for Jeans

Laura Gelberg and Julia Houck-Whitaker, Hem Gemsí co-founders, came up with the product idea because of their own frustration with standard hem lengths. They found that the jeans they kept long to wear with high heels, they could not wear with flats. In early 2006 they created a set of tie tack like pins that allowed them to temporarily adjust the length of their jeans naming them Hem Gems, and the product was born. These reusable tacks are packaged in 100% recyclable materials, and allow you to buy fewer pairs of jeans and wear them with all of your shoes - click on "How to Use Hem Gems Video" to see how they work. For use with denim only - may rip lighter fabric.

This item works great if you have kids who are growing rapidly and don't want to keep buying new jeans - you can fold up the hem and let it down as needed, and the studs look really "cool".

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