Jenny Krauss Hand Made Peruvian Fair Trade Belts

These beautiful belts are hand made in Guatemala For Jenny Krauss, whose company started on a trip to Peru in 2008. She fell in love with the traditional embroidery from a region called Ayacucho. The business now employs 1600 artisans who make belts, bags, pillows, luggage tags, sneakers, and anything else they can dream up. Their skills are incredible and, given that they live in remote areas without other options for work, this project has had a huge impact on their lives. The simple act of selling something they made with their hands gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment; something they had never experienced. All of the products are made according to fair trade guidelines. This means the artisans earn a living wage, have a safe working environment and are not subject to workplace pollutants or toxins. There is no child labor. Most of the artisans are women who work at home with their children playing nearby. Some of their husbands are now learning to embroider as well. Your purchase helps this wonderful company continue it's work.

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