Greensewn Recycled Vintage Sari Bracelets with Gold Chain

GreenSewn is an eco fashion design company that creates unique eco-chic one of a kind jewelry by recycling old vintage saris. They collect the softest and prettiest old saris and lovingly recycle them into luxurious, authentic, ultra limited edition and gloriously colorful green fashion creations that are both sexy and sustainable.

GreenSewn was started by Dan Shir, a 25 year shoe industry veteran based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Wanting to produce something more green and meaningful, Dan and his longtime agent in India started GreenSewn. Production is done at the workshop near New Delhi, using locally sourced hand-selected vintage saris. ONLY 4 OF THESE UNIQUE BRACELETS ARE AVAILABLE.

Have a day filled with good fortune & smiles. Contact us at or 917-655-4116