Bhakti Panda Hand Knotted Mala Necklaces and Original Jewelry Designs

Bhakti Panda is our own line. It features hand knotted, one of a kind Mala necklaces, made from materials purchased from Tibetans in exile, who in turn purchase from Tibetans in Nepal. Many of our prices are a multiple of 18, an auspicious number in Tibet (as well as "Chai" in Hebrew), and many of the malas are 108 beads. We have held different positive intentions during the design and construction of each necklace, and they have special meaning for us. I hope they will for you as well. Most pieces are one of a kind.

Available exclusively here and at our Etsy Store, Bhakti Panda, WWW.ETSY.COM/SHOP/BHAKTIPANDA

Bhakti Panda Flight of Hope Gold Feather Necklace
Bhakti Panda Krishna's Joy Pendant on Brown Quartz Mala Necklace
Bhakti Panda Lakshmi's Blessing Pendant on Amazonite Mala Necklace
Bhakti Panda Rise Up Mala Necklace with Wood and Crystal Feather Charm
Bhakti Panda I Celebrate Mala Necklace with Om Mane Pade Hum Charm
Jewelry featuring Ganesha (Ganapati)
Bhakti Panda Nepali Blessing Mala Necklace
Bhakti Panda Evil Eye NecklacesBhakti Panda Buddha Jewelry
Bhakti Panda Gold Mandala Pendant on Knotted Mala Necklace
Bhakti Panda Truth and Clarity Matte Quartz Mala with Removeable Hematite Tassel
Bhakti Panda Wishes Come True Nepali Prayer Box Pendant Necklace
Bhakti Panda Aim True Arrowhead Necklace with Om Charm
Bhakti Panda Balanced Life Gold Om Chakra Neckace
Bhakti Panda Serenity and Courage Aquamarine Mala Necklace with Silver Tassel
Bhakti Panda The Way Is Clear Rough Quartz Pendant with Crystals
Bhakti Panda Kali's Wrath Silver & Amber Stretch Mala Bracelet
Bhakti Panda Horn of Good Fortune Necklaces
Bhakti Panda Hand Painted Sterling Silver Pendant NecklacesBhakti Panda Mandala NecklacesBhakti Panda Moonstone Chain Mala with Diamond Om Charm
Bhakti Panda Sandalwood Mala Link Necklace with Silver and Diamond Ganesh Coin
Bhakti Panda Nepalese Good Karma Tassel NecklacesBhakti Panda Nepalese Black Silk Macrame Slip Bracelet with Silver Om Charm
Bhakti Panda Hand Knotted Tiger Sandalwood Mala Necklace with Vintage Afghani Pendant
Bhakti Panda Tiger Sandalwood Mala with Lapis Nepali Beads and Afghan Pendant
Bhakti Panda Carnelian Crystal Necklace with Om Charm - Energy and Courage
Bhakti Panda Agate Squash and Auspicious Elements Charm Necklace
Bhakti Panda Joyful Life Silver Nepalese Tassel Necklace with Turquoise Bead
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