Baabaazuzu Upcycled Wool Clothing

Inspiration comes in many forms. For Sue Burns, Baabaazuzu founder and lead designer, inspiration came one winter day in the back of her clothes dryer. And out of the tragedy of Sue Burns’ too-small-to-wear, once-adored sweaters arose Baabaazuzu. Sue Burns cut up the shrunken remains of her favorite sweaters, pieced the fragments together and made jackets with matching hats for her two young daughters. As friends and strangers began asking where she bought those ensembles for her children, Sue and Kevin – whom Sue taught to sew – launched Baabaazuzu as a line of unique, one-of-a-kind sweaters, jackets and hats made from upcycled sweaters and jackets. Just like snowflakes, no two pieces of baabaazuzu are ever alike. Each is lovingly handcrafted of 100% vintage wool, reclaimed and transformed into a beautiful and oh-so-cozy wearable. Every piece is an inspired original. Just like the person who wears it.

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