Amykathryn Rwandan African Textile Daisy Clutch Bags

These Daisy Clutch Bags are made using traditional printed fabrics from Rwanda, with unusual woven closures, that are the product of Gahaya Links cooperative weavers. Gahaya Links was founded to train rural women after the devastating 1994 Rwanda Genocide that left over 1 million dead. In 1990's sisters Joy Ndunguste and Janet Nkubana offered the women a small shop to sell their baskets and earn an income to meet their basic necessities. The sisters later offered to meet the women in their villages and learn how they could use an old Rwanda traditional skill to better their lifestyles. Today Gahaya Links is a growing network of over 4,000 weavers across the country organized in 52 savings cooperatives, that are helping women escape from poverty and create new lives.

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